BabyIn BabyOut:
A simple concept that can save lives

We’ve created a two-sided hangtag to visually remind parents and caregivers about their most precious cargo in the backseat. 



When leaving the car, the driver flips the hangtag to show the green “Baby Out” side from his or her rearview mirror or elsewhere in the car.


When a baby or child is in the car, the driver displays the pink “Baby In” side.

Save a Life

We hope using the BabyIn BabyOut tag will become as common as using your seatbelt.


Our cause. Our responsibility


Hannah Rhudy, 14, a high school freshman in Richmond, Va., loves kids and wants to keep them safe. She’s launching BabyIn BabyOut as a way to help parents, grandparents and babysitters keep their babies and toddlers safe.